And although they’ve been in business for about 15 years, most American audiences have yet to hear frontman Glen Hansard’s inspired songwriting. So when they do plan a tour, they make sure to cover as much of the country as they can.

And, as bands are wont to do, they’ve got a new album to promote along the way. Burn The Maps, The Frames’ sixth studio full-length, was released in February on the Anti label.

The tour begins September 24 in Austin, Texas, after which it will work its way West through Arizona and Southern California. October begins with a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco, followed by gigs in Portland and Seattle.

They’ll hit Denver and work their way through the Midwest until hitting Atlanta October 11. From there, the band will travel North through major cities along the East Coast.

After a few dates in Quebec and Ontario, they’ll travel back to the U.S., playing Cleveland and wrapping the tour in Chicago.

Folk artist Josh Ritter will be opening from September 28 to October 22.

The Frames are also taking a tour through Europe, starting November 12 in Den Haag, Netherlands.

They’ll play Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria before heading to the U.K.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope that The Frames will be able to play every show.