Knight’s Assets Frozen

Rap mogul Suge Knight was dealt another legal blow August 29th when a California judge froze his assets. The ruling favors a jailed drug dealer who wants half of the $107 million awarded to his wife in a lawsuit against Knight’s Death Row Records.

The move is part of a divorce action filed by San Quentin State Prison inmate Michael Harris against his wife, Lydia Harris, to block the settlement.

Michael Harris, who’s serving a 28-year sentence, maintains he put up $1.5 million from behind bars in 1991 to help Death Row get started and is entitled to half his wife’s award. Knight has repeatedly denied that claim.

The judge added the rap mogul as a party to the divorce to prevent him from disposing of or transferring any of his assets while the case is being sorted out.

Knight and his companies were earlier this year ordered to pay Lydia Harris the hefty sum based on her claim that she was a founding partner of Death Row. The judge ruled in her favor after Knight and his lawyers failed to answer questions and provide information to opposing counsel during discovery. The lawsuit never went to trial.

This is the latest in a series of legal run-ins for Knight.

He was ordered to pay $5.5 million to managers who accused him of stealing one of their acts two years ago. He also served prison time for assault and weapons violations in 2001 and for a parole violation in 2003.

The recent ruling came a day after Knight was shot in the leg at an MTVawards pre-party in Miami Beach, Fla. He has been released from the hospital.