Following shows in Germany, Sweden and several other countries, they’ll land on American shores to launch a month-long trek October 9 at Phoenix’s Marquee Theatre.

They’ll head up the West Coast to Canada and then move on through the States, hitting three Texas cities and finishing at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.’s Culture Room November 11.

Following the North American jaunt, they’ll be closer to home but still grinding away with another month and a half of Euro dates. The band’s current plans are to stay on the road until late December.

Opeth last visited the U.S. on the Sounds of the Underground package tour with Lamb of God, Clutch, and Poison the Well. The band – whose songs are often more than eight minutes long – is looking forward to taking full advantage of its expanded time slot this time around.

“After only being able to play three or four songs on Sounds of the Underground, it will be great to have the freedom to do a 90-minute set encompassing our wide repertoire,” frontman Mikael Akerfeldt said.

Opeth’s latest album, Ghost Reveries, garnered the band its best first-week record sales to date and has drawn a host of rave reviews.