Jackson Sues Avram

The feud between Michael Jackson and Germany-based promoter Marcel Avram continues, this time with MJ filing a lawsuit to keep Avram from pursuing arbitration over a concert contract gone bad.

Avram took Jackson to court in 2002 over two canceled shows on New Year’s Eve 1999. The promoter sued the singer for $21 million, claiming he backed out of the concerts without paying compensation. A Santa Barbara County jury ruled in 2003 that MJ had to pay Avram $5.3 million.

The parties agreed that existing and future settlement disputes would be resolved in Superior Court, but Avram has filed for an arbitration hearing. It is scheduled for October 24th.

Jacko’s suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court October 3rd, is seeking injunctions to prevent Avram from proceeding and to prevent any alternative forms of dispute resolution.