Jacko Vs. Schaffel

Michael Jackson filed a countersuit October 18th against former associate Marc Schaffel, accusing him of hiding and pilfering funds.

Schaffel filed a $3 million-plus suit against MJ last year, claiming the former “King of Pop” owes him $800,000 for producing two 2003 television specials and another $2.3 million in loans and payments made to the singer over the past three years.

Jacko’s countersuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims Schaffel owes him for costs related to production of the 2003 charity single, “What More Can I Give?” as well as $250,000 for sculptures and paintings belonging to Jackson.

Schaffel is also accused of pretending he was still affiliated with MJ after their business ended, according to the complaint.

The duo’s falling out came after “What More Can I Give?” was scrapped from distribution. Jackson and friends recorded the tune, รก la “We Are The World,” to raise money for victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

But the song was shelved by Sony Music after MJ’s advisors found out that Schaffel had previously directed and produced gay porn videos. The fact that he was the executive producer for the single and owned the song rights just complicated matters.