Cirque du Soleil musicians and singers will be center-stage for the first time in the multifaceted entertainment company’s history. The eclectic list of performers includes musicians from Senegal, Brazil, Peru, Italy and more, as well as acrobats, dancers and other artists.

A total of 21 original compositions for Cirque have been remixed by Quebec-based producer/composer/arranger Francis Collard for the show. In another first, lyrics have been created for instrumental tracks and the show’s invented language has been replaced with real words in English, French, Spanish, Wolof and Portuguese.

A press release calls the Clear Channel-promoted show “an urban tale, a state-of-the-art mix of music, dance, theatre and multimedia.”

The first leg of the Delirium tour will encompass five cities, starting with three shows at Montreal’s Bell Centre January 26-28. In February, the show will visit arenas in Albany, N.Y.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio and Toronto for two shows in each city.

Another leg is to be announced shortly.

The massive production will feature equipment usually reserved for stadiums, including a 130-foot, two-sided stage bisecting the arena and “submerging the audience” in the set, organizers said.

As for visuals, 540 feet of projections will fill the scene – the equivalent of nearly four IMAX screens. Prerecorded visuals will be mixed with manipulated live feeds of the action.

Tickets for the Montreal and U.S. performances go on sale November 21, with Toronto ducats available two days later.