From that band’s 80s legacy to his pop-infused ’90s work with Sugar to a varied solo career that has included club DJ gigs and forays into electronica, Mould has refused to be pigeonholed or complacent.

His latest effort, Body Of Song, showcases his wide-ranging musical resume and he’s been supporting it with a full band on the road this summer and fall. Next up, however, is a solo tour that will take him from Morgantown, W.Va., November 10 to Brooklyn, N.Y., December 3, with a dozen U.S. cities on the schedule.

Kristin Hersh will guest at two shows on the U.S. tour – Cleveland Heights, Ohio, November 11 and Alexandria, Va., on the 29th.

In January, Mould is heading to Europe for a jaunt that will include several shows in the U.K. and Belgium as well as Greece and Ireland.

He won’t rest for long upon his early February return, however. A pair of gigs with Kaki King are booked at Chicago’s Old Town School February 17-18.