Simmons Slander Suit

A woman who claims to be a former girlfriend of KISS bassist Gene Simmons can proceed with a defamation lawsuit in which she alleges the rocker made her sound like a “sex-addicted nymphomaniac” during a VH1 program.

New York Supreme Court Justice Rosalyn Richter denied Simmons’ motion to dismiss two of three claims by Georgeann Walsh Ward, who says in court papers that the musician slandered her in the band’s documentary “When KISS Ruled The World.”

Ward said in her claim, filed in January, that photos of her appeared 11 times during the program, which aired several times in July and August. In the “rockumentary,” Simmons claims to have had sexual encounters with 4,600 women.

At one point, he says, “I was a 24-hour whore. All I ever thought about was sex.”

The comment was followed by a photo of Ward with Simmons, court papers say, adding that Ward was in effect portrayed as “wild” and “unchaste” though her name was never mentioned in the documentary.

The judge said social mores regarding sex between unmarried persons have changed, but the law still says that calling a woman unchaste is defamation.