The New York-based instrumental ensemble has been building a cult fanbase for more than a dozen years, usually preferring to focus on non-traditional venues and limited releases on a variety of labels.

These days, the group has hooked up with the venerable Kill Rock Stars/5RC record label, and is heading out west in December for a tour of its label’s native territory.

NNCK, as the band is otherwise known, will start at Spaceland in Los Angeles December 1 and head up through San Francisco, Santa Cruz and into Oregon and Washington over the next week and a half.

The itinerary has a mixture of well-known clubs like S.F.’s Bottom of the Hill and Berbati’s Pan in Portland with art galleries and out-of-the-way spaces. The Punks will open on several dates.

A November East Coast tour preceded the upcoming trek.

NNCK is supporting its latest album and KRS/5RC debut, Qvaris, which has garnered more than a few gushing reviews for its improvisational blend of free jazz, folk, noise and who knows what else.

One fan, Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore, recently went so far as to call the collective “the best band ever in the universe.”