Plaintive acoustic dirges give way to synth washes and noisy electronic freakouts with no warning. Creaking chairs and crackling radios are as likely to pop up as guitars or drums, but it’s the group’s undeniable musicality that shines through for fans like Michael Gira, owner of Young God Records.

Akron/Family hooked up with Young God – the label that brought you Devendra Banhart not long ago – after a couple years of honing its home-recorded craft.

The group pared down three albums’ worth of recorded material for its self-titled debut, and its live show impressed Gira so much that he enlisted the group as the backing band for his own outfit, Angels of Light.

Akron/Family will tour the East Coast through mid-December before heading across the country throughout January and the first half of February.

They’ll play clubs throughout the South, Southwest and West Coast, finishing at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern February 11.

The band’s members came together in Brooklyn in 2002, hailing from homes as diverse as Williamstown, Pa., Porterville, Calif., and Union Springs, N.Y. The group recently finished up a six-week European jaunt.