Madge Gets Frozen Out

Madonna‘s 1998 hit “Frozen” was banned from sale and broadcast throughout Belgium as the perennial megastar lost a plagiarism case against a little-known Belgian writer.

“The judge has ruled Madonna must withdraw all remaining discs from sale and ordered that TV and radio can no longer play the song,” property rights lawyer Victor-Vincent Dehin told VRT television, after the Mons, Belgium, court passed judgment in his client’s favour.

Dehin represented songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva, who claims Madonna’s song resembles “Ma Vie Fout Le Camp” (or “My Life’s Going Nowhere”), a French-language song he wrote in ’93.

As Madonna’s song appears on product released by more than one record company, Judge Xavier Hiernaux granted them 15 days to clear the stock and implement his ruling or face a fine of up to euro 125,000.

Madonna’s lawyers have leave to appeal. If the judgment stands, it leaves the singer open to a second legal wrangle over royalties.

Last month, Madonna became the first artist to have a simultaneous No. 1 hit across Europe in every music format: single, album, download single and mobile phone ringtone.

— John Gammon