Live 8 Sues Trimspa

The producer of the Live 8 concerts are going after Trimspa, claiming the diet company has not paid for a series of 30-second promo spots that ran during the July 2nd event. Live 8 Productions LLC also says Trimspa’s prominent spokeswoman, Anna Nicole Smith, damaged its reputation.

The firm claims it is still owed $320,000 for commercials aired on ABC television that day. Smith is not named in the lawsuit, but her behavior onstage in Philadelphia is the impetus for unspecified damages.

Smith is accused of “unbecoming and erratic behavior” because she was allegedly drunk or otherwise incapacitated onstage and did not dress “in an appropriate fashion for a charitable event” as requested.

That’s hogwash, according to Smith attorney Howard K. Stern.

“People are trying to use Anna Nicole as a scapegoat in a contract dispute that she’s not a party to and wasn’t even aware of, and they should be ashamed of themselves,” he said in a statement.

Smith was sober and brought a backup outfit with her, but she was told she “looked beautiful and not to change a thing,” Stern said.

Trimspa’s parent company, Goen Technologies Corp., is also named in the lawsuit.