CBGB Out By Halloween

New York City’s legendary punk club CBGB will close its doors for good next Halloween under an agreement announced December 7th with its landlord, the nonprofit Bowery Residents’ Committee.

The club has agreed to pay near-market rent to the BRC – which holds a 45-year lease on the property – until it’s time to vacate. The deal boosts the rent at the club to $35,000 a month, up from $19,000.

CBGB owner Hilly Kristal said the resolution was amicable and that he looks forward to his final year in the Bowery.

Meanwhile, the venue is looking for a new location. Kristal would like to keep CBGB in Manhattan. He’s also looking at properties in Las Vegas.

“I might do both,” Kristal told Pollstar, “but I’d like to do it [in Manhattan] first.”

He isn’t naming any specific locations but says he’s in negotiations.

BRC Executive Director Muzzy Rosenblatt said the agreement would let his homeless advocacy group “concentrate on helping the needy and homeless of New York City.”

CBGB’s lease with the group expired at midnight August 31st, with the BRC announcing it wanted the club out after a five-year battle.

Mitchell Peters