The tour starts January 18 in Boone, N.C., heading through the South and up the West Coast before winding back to New York City, where Sheik will wrap at the Allen Room February 22.

A couple weeks before the tour kicks off, he’ll do play a New Year’s Eve show at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre.

Sheik’s fifth album, White Limousine, is being packaged with a DVD containing Live software loaded with tracks for all songs on the album, enabling fans to create their own remixes. Sheik said he originally wanted to do a “minimalist, electronica, singer-songwriter record,” but ended up with a standard rock format. decided to give the opportunity to the fans instead.

“In this way, maybe someone will actually make the minimalist electronica version of White Limousine that I was afraid to realize – personally, that is what I hope,” Sheik said on his blog. “Other than that, there are countless other types of versions of these songs that one might attempt and I’m genuinely interested in what other people do with this material.”