Howie Busted In Boston

Update: Howie Day was arrested at Boston’s Logan International Airport December 22nd for harassing an American Airlines flight crew after mixing sleeping pills and alcohol.

He pleaded innocent the next day to a charge of interfering with a flight crew. Day was released on his own recognizance and ordered to return to court March 16th.

The singer’s attorney, Paul Kelley, said Day had taken a pill to help him sleep on his flight home from Dallas.

“He had a couple of drinks. The pill interacted with the drinks and he became intoxicated. He feels badly if he inconvenienced anyone, or caused discomfort,” Kelley said. “He has and will apologize, and our hope is that we’ll be able to resolve this thing as promptly as possible.”

Witnesses claim the performer and his entourage got drunk and harassed the flight attendants and other passengers. The flight crew alerted State Police, who were waiting for Day once the plane landed.

This isn’t the first time the entertainer has gotten into hot water with the authorities. He was arrested in Madison, Wis., in 2004 for allegedly locking a woman in the bathroom of a tour bus after she resisted his sexual advances. Then he allegedly broke the cell phone of another woman to keep her from calling the police.