Closing Books On Gotti Trial

In the last bit of unfinished business left over from the Murder Inc. racketeering trial, bookkeeper Cynthia Brent was sentenced December 19th to six months of house arrest and two years probation for mishandling currency transactions for the rap label.

Brent, who was about eight months pregnant at the time of her sentencing, told Brooklyn, N.Y., federal judge Edward Korman that her next job would be that of a mother, according to New York’s Newsday.

While brothers Irving and Christopher Lorenzo – who adopted the “Gotti” nickname – were fighting federal racketeering charges, Brent pleaded guilty to structuring bank deposits for Murder Inc. to avoid filing currency transaction reports, according to the paper.

Brent and her attorney reportedly insisted that the money she handled was legit proceeds from concerts, not criminal activity.

Her bosses were acquitted in November of all charges claiming they laundered money for Queens drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff through Murder Inc.

Christopher Lorenzo was in court for Brent’s sentencing.

“This was the last piece and I am just happy it is finished,” Newsday quoted him saying.