The group will play Hoboken, N.J., February 23, followed by two shows in New York City, one in Chicago and two in San Francisco.

According to a message on the band’s official Web site, a full North American tour is planned for April with European dates in May.

The band also cleared up a rumor started by producer Squeak E. Clean, who recently gave MTV News the run-around regarding the upcoming album.

“The new record will not be called Coco Beware. The new record is not a concept record about a cat,” the message read.

“Though Coco does exist in real life, its relation to the new record was a hoax. You can’t believe everything you read!”

The album’s real name is Show Your Bones, and it will be released March 28.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs haven’t toured since spring 2004, although they appeared at several one-offs later that year, including a performance with Devo at Central Park SummerStage.