Tix Fixed In Philly

A former Philadelphia city hearing officer was accused of accepting bribes and concert tickets in exchange for dismissing more than $1,000 in parking ticket fees.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed one count of extortion January 12th against Molden David Faison, a former employee of the Bureau of Administration Adjudication, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. The Bureau hears from people who want to appeal parking tickets.

Faison is accused of using his position to obtain $200 as well as agreeing to fix parking ticket fees in exchange for Phil Collins and Prince tickets in the summer of 2004.

A grand jury indictment charged that Faison met at least twice with a shadowy figure named “J.F.” – from whom he received Prince tickets while meeting at a parking lot in August 2004.

The indictment did not make clear if Faison ever got to see Collins or how many citations were to be fixed so he could see that concert, the News said. Faison was terminated from his job in September 2004 for unrelated reasons, the paper said.

It’s not the first time the bureau has been in legal trouble. In June 2004 the former director of the bureau was indicted on charges of taking $4,000 from the owner of a taxi cab business who wanted to avoid at least $47,000 in ticket fines, the paper said.