News Flash: Loud Music Unnerving

A recent study explains why the concert industry vet on the other end of that phone call sounds so cranky. Turns out, music gets on your nerves.

Swedish researchers are looking into a link between high decibels and the formation of a benign nerve tumor called an acoustic neuroma, The American Journal of Epidimiology will report in its February 15th edition.

Researchers interviewed 146 people with such tumors, discussing their lifetime exposure to noise exceeding 80 decibels, according to The New York Times.

The study reportedly found that exposure to loud music presented the greatest risk and those who regularly listen to loud music “including those in the music industry” were more than twice as likely to have the tumors.

There’s also an explanation as to why the person on that phone isn’t aware of having a bad rep: The lead author of the study pointed out that the data depends on the participant’s own reports, and people with tumors might, in an effort to find a cause for the problem, “make errors in recollections of past activities,” the Times said.