Bus Rams Cherry

Toronto recording studio Cherry Beach Sound – one of the largest studios in North America – suffered significant damage when a bus crashed through a wall January 27th.

Two empty Gray Line buses were traveling near the studio when one made a U-turn and hit the other bus. The second vehicle plowed into the studio.

Gray Line is operated by Greyhound Canada.

The facility, which was built in 1982, has catered to The Tragically Hip, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, and 50 Cent, according to the Toronto Sun. The crash reportedly displaced insulation and bricks and pierced the building’s main support.

“There’s reports that the building is collapsing and that’s not the case,” the studio’s Shannon Shearer told Pollstar. Cherry Beach was expected to be up and running by February 1st while repairs continued. However, some high-profile sessions scheduled immediately after the crash had to be canceled.

Owner Carmen Guerrieri learned of the accident on local television reports.

“Life is crazy,” he told the Sun while surveying the front of the building. “I’m just a small-business owner trying to compete. We’re talking a lot of money here, millions and millions. I can’t work now.”