The band will start in Austin, Texas, with four days of South by Southwest shows March 15-18. Then it’s off to the West Coast and back around, with several Canadian shows booked on the four-week itinerary.

After playing NYC’s Bowery Ballroom April 4-5, Art Brut will cover the East Coast and wrap back in Brooklyn April 11. Several weeks later, the band appears on day one of Indio, Calif.’s Coachella festival.

The quintet’s debut, Bang Bang Rock and Roll, was released in its native U.K. last May on the back of its hit single, “Formed A Band,” which proclaimed that the new outfit would “be the band that writes the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along” and “write a song as universal as ‘Happy Birthday.'”

Although the album has received rave reviews on both sides of the pond and the band sold out the bulk of its North American showcases in November, the group is still unsigned in the U.S. It’s probably safe to assume they’re entertaining a number of offers.

Art Brut implores all audience members to form their own bands, even going so far as to encourage fans to set up franchise bands called Art Brut, playing covers of the group’s songs.