The trek begins in Longview, Texas, March 12, with club and theatre stops scheduled throughout the South and Midwest over the next month.

The last date on the itinerary is April 8, when Hank and the boys will play Raleigh, N.C.’s Lincoln Theatre.

Hank III’s three-hour live set is divided into three sections: a more or less traditional country-style set, a more raucous hour of “Hellbilly” tunes, and the metal madness of the “Assjack” set.

The touring band features Hank on vocals and guitar, JoeBuck on standup and electric bass, Andy Gibson on steel guitar and dobro, Adam McOwen on fiddle, Munash Sami on drums, and Gary Lindsey joining on vocals during the Hellbilly and Assjack sets.

Straight To Hell is a two-disc, self-produced set. According to Hank, the first disc features “super pickers, the ones I can’t afford to take on the road,” while the second is “just us – me and my road band – living it up, doing everything you’re not supposed to do and having fun.”

The second disc is one long track that includes a version of Hank Williams’ “I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You” – Hank III’s first cover of his famous grandpa.