An incredibly good indie rock band that made a name for itself alongside R.E.M., The Plimsouls, The Three O’Clock, and others at the height of jangle pop, Translator combined the catchiness of The Beatles with psychedelic musicianship.

The band will play three shows while in Austin, Texas: An official SXSW showcase March 16; the SX South Austin Showcase on March 15 at Café Caffeine; and the Pop Culture Press Party on March 18, at the Dog & Duck.

There are no additional dates planned at the moment, but Barton said they are certainly open the idea.

“So far, this whole reunion has come about very naturally, without forcing the issue. It feels really good, and we are playing better than ever. We would like to do more,” he said.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1979, the band relocated to San Francisco and were swiftly signed to 415 Records (which became part of Columbia Records as soon as the band signed), on the strength of their demo version of “Everywhere That I’m Not,” the song that would remain the band’s signature tune.

All members of Translator have continued to play music in some form even though the band split after seven years.