Matisyahu Drops Managers

Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu has unexpectedly terminated his relationship with his managers at the same time as his debut Epic Records release, and they are threatening legal recourse.

Matisyahu was signed with JDub, a non-profit organization that promotes Jewish culture. It is run by Aaron Bisman, 25, and Jacob Harris, 26. Bisman met Matisyahu when they were students at New York universities. The two businessmen told The New York Times the recent termination came as a shock because Matisyahu (Matthew Miller) is an old friend.

“He was in Kansas,” Bisman said. “He said, ‘I don’t know if you guys are old enough or have enough experience.'”

The two men said they have nearly three years left on a four-year management contract.

“There has to be some sort of legal action,” Bisman told the Times.

While JDub has a handful of acts and promotes concerts around the country, Matisyahu was critical to the company’s finances, according to the paper.

“We really thought of this as an endowment to do this for a long time,” Harris added.

Matisyahu’s attorney, Valerie Marcus, declined to comment.

Meanwhile, JDub issued a statement that said the “rash termination … demonstrates that success has clouded his judgment and core ideals.”

JDub attorney Greg Clarick said the termination has caused substantial damage to his clients.

“We believe that this has occurred unlawfully and without any legitimate justification,” Clarick said in a statement. “JDub will take whatever steps are necessary to recover its damages from Matisyahu and anyone else who may be liable to JDub in connection with his conduct.”

Matisyahu had a meteoric rise in 2005 and his major-label debut, Youth, is expected to make the top 10 once the stats are compiled.