Cal’s Achin’

Tucson, Ariz., promoter Cal Productions suspended operations earlier this month amid a flurry of lawsuits and accusations that it is owing at least $28 million.

Cal’s Brad Nozicka has brought several acts to Tucson, including Nikka Costa, Lifehouse, and John Hiatt, to club City Limits, where he serves as CEO. He has also reportedly brought Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts and Snoop Dogg to the city, among other big-name acts, and promoted shows at the Rialto Theatre and Pima County Fairgrounds.

Several investors have filed suits against the company, claiming at least $28 million is owed them. Nozicka recruited investors for several years in an effort to bring big-name talent to Tucson, according to the suits.

Alleged enticements include bringing Garth Brooks in for a one-off, despite his retirement. When the big shows did not appear, plaintiffs claim they were left with unpaid promissory notes.

Nozicka is accused of attempting to repay original investors with money from new ones.

Another principal of Cal Productions, William Galyon, recruited investors through his company Enti Capitol. Galyon does not dispute that he acted as a middleman. He is also being sued. However, he claims he doesn’t know what Nozicka has done with the money and has his own lawsuit against the promoter.

Galyon attorney Shawn Aiken told Pollstar his client regrets the situation but has been fully compliant, agreeing to a court receiver collecting the money. Aiken claimed Galyon never met with some of the investors accusing him of fraud.

“I hesitate to say, I don’t know what happened, and my client doesn’t know what happened, up there in Tucson,” Aiken said.

Nozicka could not be reached for comment. City Limits’ phone number was busy the several times Pollstar attempted contact, and the schedule on the club’s Web site had not been updated in weeks.