Spector Countersued

While Phil Spector awaits trial for murder on $1 million bail, his former personal assistant is suing him for more than $5 million, claiming sexual harassment.

Michelle Blaine countersued Spector over claims that she siphoned about $425,000 from his accounts. Her suit alleges that the music producer made unwanted sexual advances and that the money in question was a gift.

After he was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was shot in the face at his California mansion in 2003, Blaine said Spector repeatedly proposed to her in order to avoid her testifying against him in the murder trial. She also claims he sent her to music industry parties to pass out fliers that proclaimed his innocence.

Blaine’s attorney, Tim Reuben, said he expects to recover millions in punitive damages in addition to about $5.25 million owed in actual damages.

“We believe there is very, very powerful evidence that Michelle Blaine acted not only appropriately but that she was very, very badly treated by Mr. Spector,” Reuben said.

Blaine claims that Spector authorized all payments to her, including a $700,000 house and other employment perks to persuade her not to quit. However, court documents from September say that Blaine said she and her son had spent the missing money, but agreed to pay it back.

Blaine, the daughter of Hal Blaine, a drummer who worked with Spector as a member of the “Wrecking Crew” studio collective, claims Spector sexually harassed her, sometimes appeared naked in front of her and once asked her to find him a prostitute for the night. She said he once asked Blaine to join him and a prostitute in his hotel room. She reportedly declined.

Spector’s New York attorney, Bruce Cutler, said Blaine is trying to cover up the fact that she stole and embezzled money from his client.

“She stole money and her final lie is now that it’s hush money,” he said. “It’s all a lie.”