State Theatre In Limbo

Concerts at The State Theatre in Portland, Maine, won’t resume for at least six weeks because of outstanding fire code violations.

State and city officials want fire safety systems to be working properly and a pair of fire escapes repaired before the venue will be allowed to reopen, according to Boston’s Phoenix newspaper.

Owner Grant Wilson told the paper that the many violations are “operational issues” that occurred during former operator Chris Morgan’s tenure, so it’s Morgan’s responsibility to make the repairs. But he also claimed the venue is ready for business.

“The theatre is ready for occupancy right now,” Wilson told the Phoenix. “There are some issues that need to be addressed; there are some ongoing maintenance issues.”

Wilson added that he wouldn’t begin construction on the fire escapes until he finds a new tenant for the historic building.

The venue, booked by Live Nation, was closed March 1st following Wilson’s eviction of Morgan for alleged non-payment of the $10,000 rent and other bills.

Morgan’s attorney, Roger Katz, previously told Pollstar he was preparing a misrepresentation and breach of contract lawsuit against the theatre owner and his company, Suncoast Properties, claiming Wilson made false statements to entice Morgan into the deal.