Baseball Ticket Prices Rise

Major League Baseball ticket prices rose an average of 5.4 percent going into this season, which started April 2nd. MLB tickets average $22.21, the Team Marketing Report said April 3rd, up from the $21.08 average a year ago.

The NFL averaged $58.95 last season, the NBA $45.92 and the NHL $41.19.

“From the standpoint of family entertainment, baseball remains very affordable compared against comparable entertainment,” MLB chief operating officer Bob DuPuy said.

For the ninth season in a row, the team with the most expensive baseball tickets by far is the Boston Red Sox, at $46.46. Next is the Chicago Cubs at $34.30 and at $29.78, the St. Louis Cardinals, who will play at the new Busch Stadium. The New York Yankees were a close fourth place at $28.27.

The Oakland A’s had the highest percentage increase, a 25.2 percent rise to a $22.10 average. The Kansas City Royals have the lowest ticket average at $13.71, the same as last season.

MLB teams schedule 81 home games for a regular season.