The husband-and-wife team, which describes its music as “swamp tech,” will start near home in Baton Rouge, La., then proceed through Texas and Arizona to the West Coast. They’ll wrap around through the Midwest and South to finish up July 29 in Mobile, Ala.

Dutch organist Harry Merry will support on all dates.

The unique sound of Quintron & Miss Pussycat is powered largely by Drum Buddy, a “five oscillator, light activated, mechanically rotating drum machine” that Mr. Quintron invented. He also plays a custom-built organ mounted on the front end of an automobile. Both members contribute vocals and Miss Panacea Pussycat’s “technicolor puppet shows” are an integral part of the set.

The duo – which was forced to move out of its nightclub/home, the Spellcaster Lodge, after Hurricane Katrina – plans to follow up with a European tour in September and October. Their latest album is Swamp Tech, which comes packaged with the “Electric Swamp” DVD.