Madge And Mimi In Japan

Two of the biggest female pop artists in the world, Madonna and Mariah Carey, announced Japan tours practically on top of each other.

Madonna did it first. She’ll be making her first Japan tour in 13 years, if you want to call two concerts a tour. Madge’ll be wowing them at the Osaka Dome on September 16th and the Tokyo Dome September 20th. With top-end ticket prices peaking at about $500, there’s a lot to be wowed about.

Mariah Carey is more of a familiar face in Japan. She played there three years ago. But now that she’s on the wings of her biggest-selling album ever, Mimi can probably guarantee filling Japan’s biggest hall, the Saitama Super Arena, two nights in a row October 20-21. She’ll also be doing Nagoya on October 18th and Osaka on October 24-25.

However, neither American singer has received half the buzz that home-girl Hikaru Utada received recently when her own national tour was announced.

Her first album in four years, Ultra Blue, was released June 14th. She’ll embark on an 11-city, 22-date Japan tour in July, which will also include two consecutive nights at the Saitama Super Arena.

– Philip Brasor