LN Music Hall Bid

Kansas City, Mo., officials are considering approval of a bid from Live Nation to book Broadway shows at the Kansas City Music Hall, which has been handled by local nonprofit organization Theatre League.

A committee reviewing bids informed Theatre League founder Mark Edelman June 9th it was recommending Live Nation take over beginning the 2007-2008 season, according to The Kansas City Star.

Edelman told the paper he wasn’t convinced.

“We’ve asked to see the bids and we’re still waiting to see if they really beat us,” he said. “We want to see the bid because we wonder if they really took everything into consideration.”

Edelman is said to be troubled by an implied partnership between Live Nation and the Starlight Theatre Association, which operates the 8,108-capacity, city-owned amphitheatre.

However, Starlight president Bob Rohlf said the company wasn’t involved in the bidding and that Live Nation would be calling the shots at the venue.

“Live Nation came to us and asked if we’d be interested in being involved and helping them in some fashion and we said we’d be proud to work with them … and be able to contribute to the revitalization of downtown,” Rohlf told the Star.

Nothing is known for certain until the contracts are drawn up and presented to the City Council for approval,” said Councilman Chuck Eddy. “We’re hoping to work out all the details in the next couple of weeks.”