Lil’ Kim Released Early

Lil’ Kim was released July 3rd after spending almost 10 months in a federal detention center for lying to a federal grand jury about a 2001 shootout outside a New York radio station.

She was originally sentenced to one year and one day, but was released early for good behavior. She will be under house arrest for 30 days.

Upon exiting the facility, the 4-foot-11 entertainer was greeted by cheering fans, who she waved and blew kisses to. The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, is known as the genre’s first prominent female to do time.

Jones’ conviction stemmed from a gunfight that erupted between her entourage and rival group Capone n’ Noreaga, which has a song in which Foxy Brown insults Lil’ Kim. One man was hurt in the scuffle.

Jones lied to the jury when she repeatedly maintained that she didn’t notice two of her close friends, including manager Damion Butler, at the shooting scene.

Security cameras showed otherwise, and she apologized at her sentencing.