‘We Were In The Area’

As usual, a number of artists will be hanging around Japan before or after their appearances at whichever big festival they happen to be invited to.

KISS will augment its headlining, fireworks-studded performances at the Udo Music Festival in Shizuoka and Osaka with two stand-alone concerts – Rainbow Hall in Nagoya July 18th and the Fukuoka International Center July 20th.

Smash will present two Fuji Rock After Parties at the Liquid Room in Tokyo featuring British acts that are playing the festival: Mystery Jets, The Rifles, Fields, and Baxter Dury on July 31st, and The Automatics, Mumm-Ra, and Milburn on August 1st.

Likewise, Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall will saunter down to Tokyo for a one-night stand July 31st, and all-female pop rock group The Like will extend its visit to Japan to include Tokyo on August 1st. Madness will play Osaka July 26th and Tokyo July 27th before its headlining gig at Fuji’s White Stage on July 28th.

Linkin Park will head up to Sendai for a special concert August 15th after headlining gigs at Summer Sonic in Osaka and Tokyo the previous weekend. They’ll be joined by another SS act, Zebrahead, who has turned the festival invite into a full-fledged, six-city tour.

Matthew Herbert will follow up his SS appearance with a showcase at the Liquid Room on August 15th.

– Philip Brasor