SoCal Power Players

If success was measured exclusively by where one sits at a Lakers game, many of the 100 people listed in the August 13th Los Angeles Times West “power issue” would have floor seats. And some already do.

Philip Anschutz was rated 6th on the prestigious list of Southern California movers and shakers ranging from the chairman of Irvine Co. to the Los Angeles County health specialist who dispenses letter grades to restaurants. His top AEG employee, Tim Leiweke, was also ranked as a heavy hitter in the power index.

Other notable figures include Live Nation – Los Angeles‘ Brian Murphy (or chief of the formerly titled Avalon Attractions) and House of Blues Latin music specialist Emily Simonitsch.

Another notable was private detective to the stars Anthony Pellicano, who ranked high despite being behind bars. Apparently the strategy Lyndon Johnson took to heart – have a piece of dirt on everybody – still rings true.

There are also some other music moguls on the list. Specifically, music supervisor for “The O.C.” Alexandra Patsavas, who can christen the next big indie band just by giving them play on the TV show.

Also on the power grid are radio DJ Steve “Jonesy” Jones (aka the Sex Pistols’ guitarist) and KROQ program director Kevin Weatherly – two of the last DJs in Tinseltown who can spin whatever they want, and have launched a lot of careers because of their freedom. David Geffen also makes an appearance.

As for the Lakers games, some of the notables with season tickets include Endeavor talent agency partners Ari Emanuel and Richard Weitz, Lou Adler, Michael Ovitz, William Morris Agency CEO Jim Wiatt, Irving Azoff, Glenn Frey and, of course, Leiweke.