Interestingly, the trek starts at the Nokia Theatre in New York City – not exactly a hotbed of country music fandom.

But this isn’t a country tour; it’s a tour de force of Gill’s formidable talents. Anyone familiar with Gill knows he can deliver bluegrass, country, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, pop, and beyond. This tour is going to showcase those facets on every stop.

The outing comes in support of These Days, a four-disc release of new material. Each disc represents a different style of music, and Gill wrote or co-wrote each of the 43 songs.

Terry Elam, Gill’s longtime manager at the Fitzgerald Hartley Company, said the album posed some expected challenges but plans for the accompanying tour are coming along just fine.

“Luke Lewis (CEO of UMG Nashville) gave his blessings to the album set back in May. By that time, Vince had a real sense of what the project embodied and what he wanted to do with it in regards to touring,” Elam told Pollstar.

Gill wanted to shape the show into four segments, showcasing the style of music on each one of the new discs – traditional country, up-tempo rock, bluegrass, and jazz-infused pop. And he didn’t simply want to use his ridiculously versatile touring band, so he invited a number of great players to add to the authenticity of the show. The musicians will change depending on the material.

So, on October 16th, the day before the album is released, Gill, the nine-piece core band and about seven additional crack performers will hit the highway.

“Vince said it’s like casting a movie,” Elam said.

The production elements will be understated and elegant, keeping the focus on the music.

“The biggest challenge is transitioning the musicians. But I think Vince and (music director) John Hobbs will work it out pretty quickly.”

Elam added that perhaps the oddest part of the tour is that Gill will be using a setlist for the first time in many, many years.

The show will run about three hours with an intermission. Add the lengthy sets, the number of performers, all the necessities and extras that go into a show of this scope, and it sounds like an expensive ticket.

Gill, however, was committed to keeping the price down. “Vince wants this to be a show that couples and families can enjoy,” Elam said. “We’ve tried to keep it at a reasonable price and everyone was in agreement on that.”

A three-tier pricing system is being used throughout the tour, with the top tickets coming in at around $50, he said.

“I believe the musicians think this will be a lifetime event and it would be nice if the audience came away with that feeling, too.”