Fans Flock To See Madonna

Lutheran bishop Margot Kaesmann’s call for a Madonna concert boycott because of the mock crucifixion scene in her stage show seems to have fallen on the same deaf ears as similar appeals from other European church leaders.

“I thought Madonna was better than this because she claims to be a religious person,” bishop Kaesmann told Bild am Sonntag. “But maybe the only way an aging superstar can attract attention is to offend people’s religious sentiments. I advise people to ignore Madonna. Stars come and go, but the Christian faith endures.”

A flock of more than 45,000 still strayed off to Her Madge’s August 20 gig at Düsseldorf LTU arena in Germany, suggesting the protestant bishop’s battle to win the proverbial hearts and minds of the German population had no more success than Cardinal Ersilio Tonini’s with the Italians.

He could have looked out of the Vatican windows and watched more than 70,000 fans congregate a couple of miles away to see her recent appearance at Rome Olympic Stadium.

The national papers ran stories saying the local Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office is considering taking action against Madonna for breaching German laws against blasphemy, but the quotes from a departmental spokesman only say the legal team will be keeping any eye on what the German press writes about the show.

– John Gammon