Club owner Hilly Kristal, who lost his lease last year, plans to relocate the venue to downtown Sin City after closing in October. He said he plans to take the bars, doors, toilets and urinals along to recreate the club’s atmosphere.

“We’re going to take it all,” he told Pollstar.

Kristal said he has several potential locations and is in discussions with a number of developers and brokers.

“Everybody gets a little greedy when they see dollar signs in front of them and they start wanting more and more and more, so I don’t know,” Kristal said. “I’m going to tell them it’s either this or nothing, ’cause you’d be surprised how they’re not just investors, they want the whole brand. Or most of it.

“The brand is very important to them, because it’s been making more and more money every year, especially in the clothing thing.”

Kristal was planning to fly to Las Vegas August 26 and hoped to be close to a deal by early September.

A team of “experts” will remove the bars, toilets, etc. in late October after a final gig with Patti Smith, Kristal said.

“It’s going to cost a lot of money. Maybe the stuff we’re not going to take, I’ll put on eBay. We’ll see if anybody wants some tables and chairs. I’ll sign them,” he said, laughing.

Kristal said he doesn’t know who will be booking the club, but emphasized that C.B.G.B. built its reputation by working to get new bands signed and will continue that tradition.

“We want to be able to go further on the Internet and further in a lot of ways. I’m looking to not only move but to expand,” he said.