The first leg of dates, dubbed The B.L.A.M. Tour, opens September 21 with a show at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, and finishes with a five night set of nautical shows January 15 – 19 aboard the Carnival Legend Cruise.

After coming ashore, the band will embark on the tour’s second leg, an 18-city cross Canada set of dates that kicks off February 1 at the Save On Food Memorial Centre in Victoria, British Columbia and wraps up February 26 at Mile One Stadium in Saint John’s, Newfoundland.

Besides inaugurating the band’s new label, the new album is notable because BNL is releasing it in a variety of formats. Fans can choose from a CD; USB flash memory stick featuring bonus material; or two digital versions offered by Apple’s iTunes Music Store – the original 13 tracks plus two bonus cuts, and a deluxe-edition that checks in at a whopping 27 tracks.

Aspiring DJs can also purchase four of the new songs from the band’s web site in the form of multi-track digital files. The band is encouraging the digitally inclined to “remix, recreate, re-edit, re-configure and realize what you will.”

BNL recently explained what led them to release the album in multi-platform versions. “It’s the fans who make our music and the lives we lead possible, so we’re trying to get the music to them in innovative ways,” vocalist/guitarist Steven Page said.

Bandmate Kevin Hearn added,”The music industry is in a state of reinventing itself. We are very fortunate to be able to create and sell our music as we see fit.”