One hundred people died at Derderian’s club in West Warwick, R.I., when it caught fire in 2003 after Great White launched pyrotechnics.

About 100 potential jurors went through the selection process each day beginning September 5th, answering questionnaires. Attorneys on both sides of the aisle were expected to have a hard time finding jurists who did not have some kind of connection to the fire, considering Rhode Island has such a relatively small population.

Prosecutors sought to block 18 witnesses who were expected to testify whether the band Great White had launched pyrotechnics at clubs other than The Station. They argue that it is irrelevant and all that matters is if former tour manager Dan Biechele sought permission to use pyrotechnics in The Station.

Prosecutors also argued that Derderian’s alleged habitual violations of the fire code led to the deaths. They sought to block testimony from Rhode Island state officials including fire marshal George Farrell who is expected to testify about when bar owners are cited for violations.

It is only relevant if Derderian violated codes, not if he was cited for them, prosecutors said. They also want to block the testimony of a fire and foam expert because they argue he tested soundproofing that was different than the type found inside the club.