The 19-city trek sets out October 5 with a show at Minneapolis’ First Avenue, and concludes with a performance at the Showbox in Seattle November 9.

Ondrasik describes Two Lights as an American family portrait. In addition to the songs born from personal experience that fans have come to expect from him, Ondrasik drew inspiration from conversations with what he calls “ordinary Americans” while he was writing and recording the album.

The first single, “The Riddle,” is another in a string of inspirational songs from the band. Like previous hits “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” and “100 Years,” it manages to be deeply personal, yet speaks to a larger cultural truth.

Lights marks Ondrasik’s first foray into the producer’s booth. According to Ondrasik, he and band mates Curt Schneider and Andrew Williams had little choice in the matter, since the producers he wanted for the album either weren’t available or not interested.

Although his hard work at the board paid off with a successful album, writing is still his first priority. He said, “I just try to get better as a songwriter. That’s all I can do, try to write things that matter. At the end of the day all you can do is say what you believe.”