HK Promoter Pleads Guilty

Chan Tat-chee, one of the most powerful concert promoters in Hong Kong, pleaded guilty in Hong Kong District Court on September 4th to three charges of conspiracy to defraud, one charge of theft, and another of conspiracy to steal.

In February 2004, Chan became chairman of China Sciences Conservational Power after acquiring 52.6 percent of the company’s stock. Over the following months he orchestrated HK$63 million in dodgy transactions, HK$25 million of which allegedly ended up in his pockets.

These transactions involved several media companies, including Henan Cable TV and the Henan Zongzhou Radio and Television Network. At press time, Chan was free on HK$400,000 bail, and expected to testify as a prosecution witness in the trial of his three alleged co-conspirators in the CSCP scandal.

Chan has been called “the father of mainland concerts” for his promotion business, Abba Entertainment Group, which operates in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland.

He has put on concerts by almost every major Cantopop artist, including Andy Lau, Leon Lai, and Sam Hui.

– Philip Brasor