Roof In Brown Condition

Green Bay, Wis., has been renovating the 48-year-old Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena instead of building a new venue, and that includes doing battle with the roof.

The county spent more than $200,000 to fix the venue’s roof a few years ago, according to WBAY-TV, but the patches outside haven’t been effective, forcing the county to look into an indoor solution.

A new roof could be on the way for next year, so the county has decided to install leak diverters to help keep fans dry. Meanwhile, the calendar has been cleared starting May 2007 so that the new roof installation won’t interrupt any events.

The diverters will cost about $5,000 and be installed in the rafters of the 48-year-old venue, funneling the water away from spectators. However, WBAY reported that the county is looking into whether to file a lawsuit with the company that provided the roofing material, which was guaranteed to last 10 years but didn’t last two.

PMI was granted in March a five-year lease to continue operating the arena. PMI agreed to kick in extra cash if the county’s arena fund runs dry.