INXS Stoush Settled

The legal scuffle between INXS and former band managers David Edwards and Michael Murchison of Odd Couple Productions Pty Ltd. was settled quietly.

The NSW Supreme Court judge earlier urged the two parties to go into mediation. The outcome remains confidential.

Odd Couple sued for at least $7.5 million for its share of royalties from the band’s CD, tour and merchandise.

INXS’s return to Australia was a success, with 70,000 tickets sold, promoter Andrew McManus said. In Perth, 5,000 tickets went in 27 minutes, the fastest-selling show at Challenger Stadium.

The Brisbane show marked singer JD Fortune’s 33rd birthday. The band got the crowd to sing happy birthday, and JD sat on a giant cake to put out the candles. A roadie had to put him out with a hose.

Guitarist Tim Farriss tore a knee ligament during the Canberra show, and was in considerable pain during the next few shows.

– Bryan Jones