Grand Jury for Hank Jr.

A Memphis judge deemed allegations by a cocktail waitress against Hank Williams Jr. serious enough to advance the misdemeanor assault case to a grand jury September 18th.

Holly Hornbeak claims she was waiting tables at the Peabody hotel where Williams was staying March 18th when he cussed at her, tried to kiss her and put her in a chokehold.

Williams was reportedly seated at a table in the hotel’s lobby bar with 10 other people when the incident occurred.

Hornbeak testified Williams began yelling obscenities at her when she failed to recognize who he was, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported. She said he then attempted to pull her toward him and kiss her when she returned to the table with a round of drinks.

Her testimony also included claims that Williams continued shouting obscenities until hotel security was notified, at which point the singer came up behind Hornbeak and began to choke her, the Commercial Appeal reported.

“It knocked the breath out of me,” she said. “I had some bruising and red marks. It was a serious attack and this is not something you take lightly.” she said.

Under cross examination, Hornbeak reportedly acknowledged that she declined to have another server take over the table that evening, did not take pictures of her injuries, did not seek medical attention and did hire a lawyer soon after the incident.

Williams’s attorney told the paper there was no assault and called Hornbeak’s case against Williams a “financial hijacking” as a private attorney hired by Hornbeak’s parents demanded $250,000 from Williams to settle the matter two days after the alleged incident.

If convicted, Williams could face up to 11 months in jail and a fine.