The trek just got underway in Wales, and wraps up with a show October 10 in Leeds. Fueled By Ramen labelmates Cute Is What We Aim For will be along for the first half-dozen shows, before heading back to the states to tour with Hellogoodbye.

Having toured the U.K. before as support, Paramore is looking forward to returning in the lead spot.

“This is our second time to the U.K. and our third time outside of the U.S. This time we get to headline, though! We can’t wait to go back to the U.K. and show them who we’ve become since our first visit. Their enthusiasm for our music is insane – we’re very, very blessed,” The bandmates recently told Pollstar via email.

Paramore came together in 2002 when singer Hayley Williams, then 13, moved to Nashville and was introduced to brothers Zac and Josh Farro, who were 11 and 14 at the time. The trio drafted Jeremy Davis to play bass, and began playing wherever they could.

The group’s high energy live shows and Williams’ dynamic stage presence quickly attracted the attention of a number of labels, and the band was signed to Fueled By Ramen in April of 2005 and its debut album, All We Know Is Falling, was released the following July.

With its star rising so quickly, it wouldn’t be surprising for the band to feel a little under the gun, but members are taking their new-found fame in stride.

“We’ve worked really hard, especially for this tour, to come up with a great live show. It’s taken some time, but I think it’s the one thing that we’ve finally gotten down. There will always be critics, but all we can do is work hard, love what we’re doing, and then hope that everyone else will too,” they said

The group began writing songs for their next album earlier this year and promise that it will reflect their evolution as a band.

“Our band is not one to repeat something that we’ve already done. With any artist there should be constant growth, and with this record we are going to stretch ourselves to the limit – and past it,” they told Pollstar.

“The past year and a half has been wonderful. We’ve experienced things we never imagined going through, and those things have shaped us to be who we are individually and as Paramore.

“When you throw yourself out into the great big world, you can’t help but learn something. The new record will certainly be evidence of the changes that have been made in us and the people we’ve become.”

Paramore hopes to be in the studio by the end of the year and to have a new album out by late spring or early summer of next year, but there’s no rush.

“Whatever we do next will be thought out, experimented with, and so on. Hopefully we’ll all have the chance to really learn about who we are as artists and ultimately be a better band with more to offer the next time around.”