Megaman Cleared Of Murder

So Solid Crew rapper Megaman has finally been cleared of murder, following three trials that have stretched longer than 18 months.

A cheer went up and cries of “Yes” came from the Old Bailey’s public gallery when the jury delivered its verdict September 28th, according to media reports.

The same court had jailed So Solid Crew associate Carl Morgan, 25, last November for life for murdering Colin Scarlett, but it failed to reach a verdict on 27-year-old Megaman (real name: Dwayne Vincent).

The court heard how Morgan had shot Scarlett on November 6th of last year in what the prosecuting counsel called “a revenge attack.”

Earlier in the day, Morgan had been involved in a row with Elisha McFarlane, a former girlfriend and the mother of his child. After the relationship ended, she began going out with 24-year-old Scarlett, who heard about the argument and then beat up Morgan.

Morgan went to seek revenge and Vincent had gone along with him. The case hinged on whether Vincent had urged Morgan to carry out the killing, which he has always denied.

In March, Vincent’s second trial was aborted for what were described as “technical and administrative reasons.”

– John Gammon