Buffett Explains Ecstacy Incident

Following widespread media reports of Jimmy Buffett being fined at a French airport October 6th after authorities seized more than 100 Ecstacy tablets found in his luggage, Buffett has told his side of the story.

At a luggage check on the way out of Toulon-Hyères International Airport, Buffett said authorities went right after his prescription medicine pouch, which he said was in plain view.

“I don’t know about you, but at a few months away from turning 60, I carry a few prescriptions, including a B vitamin supplement, called Foltx,” Buffett wrote on his Margaritaville.com Web site.

He said the Foltx container had a heart on it, so authorities assumed it was Ecstacy.

“I have never taken it and couldn’t tell you the difference between a hit of ecstasy and Excedrin PM. My vices these days consist of boat drinks, beer, wine and the occasional hot fudge sundae,” he wrote.

According to Buffett, he agreed to pay a fine (about $380, according to the New York Post) and headed out of there. He says on the Web site that the pills hadn’t even been opened because he doesn’t take the Foltx supplement anymore.

Buffett was detained but not arrested, according to the Post.

He didn’t seem worried about the incident’s aftermath.

“In the end, I will just chalk it up as being something that will happen if you have an adventurous soul and live a nomad life,” he wrote. “The great old humorist Lord Richard Buckley used to say in one of his routines that humor is the absence of terror and that terror is the absence of humor. … I will take my cue from Lord Buckley and keep on singing and laughing. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.”

The singer’s latest endeavors include a new album titled Take The Weather With You, and last month he helped put on a fund-raiser for Kinky Friedman’s Texas gubernatorial campaign.