The band will be performingsongs from their new album, The Pick of Destiny, to be released onNovember 14th.

The tour will feature a Tenacious backing band that includes JohnKonesky (electric guitar), John Spiker (bass) and Brookes Wackerman(drums).

According to the band, “each and every date on the tour is sure to be a monumental,mind-blowing, life-altering experience, its most orgasmic moment willsurely happen on December 1st when The D take the stage at MadisonSquare Garden (because they might not give it back). The greatestrockers in rock history have rocked on this stage-and now it’s the D’sturn to bring the Rock. “

The U.S. tour will be followed by Euro tour that includes stops inDublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and London.

A film bearing the surprising name “The Pick of Destiny” arrives in theaters November 17.

It’s “an epic musical adventurethat follows Tenacious D on their quest to obtain the Pick and becomeThe Greatest Band on Earth.”