A Dicey George Michael Board Game

While George Michael continues to do sellout business on his European tour, The Sun newspaper has invented a board game where readers get to play as the troubled superstar.

It’s similar to Snakes And Ladders in the way it has penalties for landing on certain squares. Any player arriving on Square 14 of the George Michael board is told: “The LAPD send you a Christmas card asking how you’ve been. Miss a turn.”

Square 32 has, “Police catch you slumped over the steering wheel unable to say your own name. Go back three spaces.”

Since he was caught asleep in his car allegedly slumped over the wheel in North London October 1st, Michael appears to have got himself in gear and may be closing in on pole position for having one of the year’s most successful European arena tours.

London-based Marshall Arts is keeping the box office figures a closely guarded secret, but its Web site is heralding the dates as the fastest-selling shows in the company’s 30-year history.

– John Gammon