A Music Manager’s Fantasy World

Anyone who feels they could do a good job looking after the careers of Robbie Williams, George Michael, Morrissey, Justin Hawkins or Pete Doherty can have their chance through a new Internet-based game called Fantasy Music Managers.

This interactive slice of music business virtual reality comes from The Official U.K. Charts Company, which has launched it to run during the eight weeks leading up to Christmas.

It’s closely based on the successful Fantasy Football Manager formula, with would-be Brian Epsteins and Tom Parkers choosing a roster of acts that can range from “5-Star” top names to “1-Star” emerging talent.

Managers score points according to how well their acts do in the U.K. charts over the two-month period. Registrations began October 9th at fantasymusicmanager.co.uk, where the game is on display.

The OCC, which is co-owned by the British Phonographic Industry and the Entertainment Retailers Association, has the backing of major record companies including Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI and has come up with £40,000 worth of prize money plus tickets for next year’s BRIT Awards.

– John Gammon